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OAKTREE ShockProof WaterProof Full-Body Rugged Case for iPhone XR - Black/Clear Back

OAKTREE ShockProof WaterProof Full-Body Rugged Case for iPhone XR - Black/Clear Back

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【IP68 Waterproof】: Compatible with iPhone XR (6.1"). Fully sealed body designed to be waterproof for any underwater activities. can submerge underwater for 6.6ft/1 hour, perfect suit for outdoor water sports and daily use.

【 High-Quality 】: Full-sealed cover with Top-Level materials, designed and tested to 2m high, protect your phone from drops and prevent any dirt and dust into your iPhone XR waterproof case. For stylish looks and durability.
Full Body Protection with Built-in Screen Protector】: A tight body with shock-absorption corner makes this case shockproof dustproof soundproof, protect your Apple iPhone XR in all weather conditions.
【Support All Functions】: Easily access to power, volume and all other ports, buttons and functions. The phone remains good sound quality with the case on when calling, listening to music etc. Clear back will not block wireless charging so you can charge your iPhone XR phone wirelessly without removing the case.

【Warranty】: 1 Year

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Peter Lane (Melbourne, AU)
So far, so very good.

I work as a woodcutter / lumberjack. My phone sits on the Ute or occasionally on my person or in a tool box compartment.

When I started 2 years back my XR was put in an Ottobox case as I had used them in the past in construction role and they were excellent. 7 years and still like new.

But the rubber literally went soft and started to tear apart after only 18 months. Very disappointing and checked recent reviews and it appears quality has dropped.

So I purchased the Oaktree Case and so far it has meet my expectations and exceeded some.

It arrived within days and has very secure fasting clip system. Being front and back covered ot protects the glass.

I do find it has reduced the sound a little but that’s ok for a secure drop proof case. It is also very snug on the charger port but again, that’s ok. I want it secure.

I do like the X switch to turn the silent feature on and off. Great for meeting and quick and easy but still waterproof.

Would have preferred any colour other than black for visibility.

Overall - only 2 weeks in but it appears to be very secure and tough. Let’s see in 6 months.

Coby (Brisbane, AU)

I haven’t received it yet :(

Joy Knight (Adelaide, AU)

Very happy with my phone case, it is very sturdy and tough.

Jubeor (Málaga, ES)
Good case. But…

Double image in the camera due to the wide distance between the camera lenses and the protector plastic piece. Looks like in new designs they have fixed the issue.

Fiona Banks (Brisbane, AU)

Sturdy case, could be better if it was available in colours or a groovy pattern

Gabby H (Brisbane, AU)
Good hardy case

Had my case for a couple weeks now. Has already sustained some drops, does well getting wet. Screen has scratched a bit from being in my bag with my keys I think, but otherwise, all good. Would buy again. Quick delivery, as good as Lifeproof Fre case I’ve had in the past.

Sarah H

I really like the case, much easier to put on than the lifeproof case I had!! (This case doesn’t have that silly rubber you had to hold just right) I have only dropped my phone once and every thing is fine. I’m not sure about how long it will stay nice for, with the clear on the back too, I feel like it was get all scuffed pretty quick. Only negative is that there is a cap for a headphone jack on the case, but my iPhone XR doesn’t have a headphone plug (it’s the same as the charger plug) and this is right where the silence switch is, so I can’t use it. I have the floating home button so I can silence that way, but it makes the case seem like it’s for a different phone

Julia Wood (Sydney, AU)
Protect s my new phone

Protects my phone. It good investment for given how expensive phones are

Customer (Perth, AU)
Better than Lifeproof

I’ve always used Lifeproof cases but the Oaktree one I recently bought is much better and it’s an Australian owned company.

Melanie Gee (Perth, AU)
Oaktree shockproof waterproof full-body rugged case for iPhone XR

Love the case. It does what it suppose to do as I have a habit of dropping my phone.